Dinner menus

Menus 1-5

Available only by order.

Prices valid from 1.11.2016 – to 30.10.2017

Menu 1

Menu 1

Crawfish cold smoked salmon salad

- Mustard sauce


Lamb carré and sirloin

- Garlic cheesepotatoes                           

- Red wine sauce


White chocolate-mascarpone mousse

- Strawberry soup                                    


Coffee or tea

Price:  49.50

Menu 2

Menu 2

Smoked reindeer mousse

- Blackcurrant sauce


Grilled Arctic char and scallop

- Saffron sauce                                        

- Vegetables poached in fish stock


Vanilla pudding

- Lingonberry syrup


Coffee or tea

Price: 51.50

Menu 3

Menu 3

Wild Duck paté and  slightly salted reindeer   

- Marinated mushrooms                                                                      


Roasted whitefish                               

- Warm vegetable salad

- Crayfish sauce


Chocolate cake and raspberries


Coffee or tea

Price: 51.00

Menu 4

Menu 4

Slightly salted salmon and whitefish roe from Inari lake               

- Dill potatoes

- Bread of the house and butter rose


Reindeer fillet fried  in rosmary butter                                 

- Game sauce

-Bacon ”rösti” potato and root vegetables


Cloudberry mousse

- Cloudberry sauce


Coffee or tea



Price: 54.00

Menu 5

Menu 5

Roe palette

- Vendace and whitefish roe

- Onion, sour-cream, blackpepper and toast


Breast of mountain willow grouse and elk noisette                                      

- Green pepper sauce

- Potato terrine


Arctic Bramble Creme Brulee


Coffee or tea


Price:  64.50



Lappish Hut Menus of Kaunispään Huippu

Main course and dessert will be made on open fire, front of the clients. Make sure that the reservation is made for “Lappish Hut” , because these menus can be served ONLY in “Lappish Hut”

Lappish Hut menus for groups max 40 persons

Lappish dinner I

Lappish dinner I

Morel soup with smoked reindeer

-Bread of the House


Salmon of the Arctic Ocean Made on Open Fire 

-Crayfish sauce

-Potato terrine, vegetables


Flambéed Crêpes

-Marinated berries and cloudberry sorbet


Coffee or Tea

Price: 49.50

Lappish dinner II

Lappish dinner II

Crab appetizer 

- Roe & grass onion


Reindeer Fillet Made on Open Fire 

-Gamecognac Sauce                                

-Fried Lappish Potatoes


Lappish Cheese Flambêe


-Whipped Cream


Coffee or tea

Price: 54.00

Lappish dinner III

Lappish dinner III

Lappish fish and crustacean of the Arctic Ocean     

- Cognac salted salmon, vendace roe of Inari Lake, gratinated king crab,

warm smoked arctic char, shrimps, dill-cream potatoes


Flambeed reindeer noisettes         

- Potato celery terrine                                                    

- Fried cepes and onion, vegetables

- Berry jelly


Cream puff swan

- Crowberry sauce


Coffee of Tea

Price:  61.00

Taste of North Buffet

Buffet available for groups, minimum number of persons 40




Green Salad 
Marinated vegetables 
Mushroom Salad
Shrimp Salad
Whitefish Tartar
Hot Smoked Arctic Charr
Slightly salted Salmon
Lappish Fish Pie 
 Duck paté 
Cold Smoked Reindeer Roast
Roast Elk Fillet
Bread of the House and Butter


Main dish from Open Fire

Main dish from Open Fire

Roast of Reindeer Smoked in a Lapp Hut
Glow fried Salmon
Fried Lappish Potatoes
Vegetable gratin
Morel Sauce
Lingonberry Jelly




Cloudberry Cream Jelly
Crowberry Sauce
Cloudberry Sauce and Whipped Cream

Coffee or Tea



Price:  51.00