Brunch I


Slightly salted Arctic Ocean salmon


Cold smoked reindeer steak

Reindeer steak smoked in a Lappish Hut


Olterman creamcheese

Tomato, cucumber, lettuce


Bread of the House, ryebread, Toast, Butter rose

Almond pie

Plain omelette

Coffee and tea

Apple – and orange juice


Price 34€ / person

Brunch II


Cold smoked Arctic Ocean salmon

Marinated fish from Inari lake

Roasted Elk

Smoked reindeer mousse

Smoked reindeer with honeydew melon

Brie cheese

Blue cheese

Emmental cheese

Tomato, cucumber, lettuce

Selection of fruit

Bread of the house, rye bread, toast, butter rose

Crowberry cheesecake

Shrimp omelette

Coffee and tea

Apple – and orange juice


Price 36 € / person

Drink recommendations for the menu

Jacob's Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir Brut             20 cl              13.00 €

                                                                                                75 cl              37.00 €         

Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut Samppanja                 75 cl              105 €


Available only by order. Prices valid from 6.11.2017 – to 30.10.2018