Selling-, invoicing and group conditions of Kaunispään Huippu OY 2016-2017


Invoicing terms


If the event will be paid by invoice we need the invoicing address, Your invoice reference and the name of the contact person in advance.


All rights reserved by Kaunispään Huippu Oy to accept the invoicing of client.


Client and Kaunispään Huippu will deal the way of payment of the event in advance.


Handling and mailing fee 5 € will be added to invoices under 50 €

Dinner menus will be made after opening hours for groups over 10 persons by pre order


Dinner for groups under 10 persons:

We make the dinner menus also for groups under 10 persons after opening hours

within following conditions:

We charge the price of the menu and rent of the restaurant 75 € / hour (season 2016-2017).

Rent of the restaurant will be charged by the starting time as you ordered in advance, ending when leaving with a 30 minutes accuracy


We will charge the menus by number of the persons booked in advance.

We need the final confirmation of the group size at least one week before the event

Changes of the number of the persons will be accepted 2 days (48 hours ) before the dinner.

If the group is bigger than booked in advance, the invoice will be made according to the actual number of persons.

If the groups size is smaller, the invoice will be made according to the number of the persons booked in advance


- If the cancellation of event is made 48 hours (2 days) before we will charge 50 % of value of the menu

- If the cancellation of event is made in 48 hours (2 day) before event we will charge 100 % of value of menu


Aperitives, dessert wines and drinks sold as portions will be charged as ordered


Events with pre ordered tickets. We will charge the tickets by the number booked in advance.

Kaunispään Huippu OY