In accordance with its name, Kaunispään Huippu is located 437 meters above sea-level on top of majestic arctic hill Kaunispää.

The spectacular views of almost hundred arctic hills await visitors to Lapland. In bright weather you’ll even be able to see the Russian summits.

Depending on season, the summit is swathed in the vibrant ruska autumn colours, northern lights and gleaming drifts of snow in winter, not to forget about the nightless nights in mid-summer.

The present-day Huippu includes a cozy binomial, 200-seat restaurant with panorama views, an exquisite 50-seat Lappish Hut, bar and souvenir shop specialized in quality souvenirs, knit garment and Lappish gold and silver jewelry.

The distance from Huippu to Saariselkä ski resort is 2 kilometres.

Summit of Kaunispää

Picture in summertime