Toboggan run (Sledding Hill)

Alli - 1200 m – the longest the longest toboggan run in Europe

Finland's most thrilling toboggan run starts from the summit of Kaunispää. There's plenty of time to enjoy speeding down the hill, as the distance to the bottom in the centre of the Saariselkä resort is 1.2 kilometres.

You can borrow toboggans from many of the hotels and businesses in the resort;
toboggans at the bottom of the hill are free for your to use.

Kindly bring your own toboggan with you as we do not have rental services at Huippu.

For years, this 1200-metre long trial of skills and boldness has enticed people from all over the world to see if they can tame the hill by tobogganing it - from top to bottom without falling – in their plastic vehicles.