In addition to restaurants, we have a good quality souvenir shop with a wide selection of products under the same roof. It is an experience in itself to explore its offerings and find true treasures. In the souvenir shop, you’ll find gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones; beautiful gold and silver jewelry from Lapland, knittings, leather items, quality kuksas, Lappish knives, crowberry juice, cloudberry sweets, literature from Lapland, dolls and reindeer mascots to name a few.

We also have a large selection of Lappish gold and Finnish treasures; the unique, authentic gold nugget jewellery of Lemmenjoki as well as Finnish gems; garnet of Lemmenjoki, amethyst of Luosto, beryl of Luumäki and Finnish ornamental stones such as milky quartz, jasper, epidote and spectrolite.

We have traditional Lappish jewellery and nature theme jewellery in silver. Most of our silver jewellery is made in Lapland.